Make that Shit happen Bracelet

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Discover our sassy bracelets! With natural stones and crystal beads, pick the perfect one to show off your bold side. Challenge yourself!


Fits is unisex, comfy, distressed collar, 100% cotton preshrunk, No, it doesn't shrink. :)

DYLAN JEWELRY-Salty Bracelet-Wonder F*cking Woman-BOM-Boutique on Main -jewelry, new arrivals, Sassy Bracelets

Wonder Woman

Put your style on full display with these badass bracelets. Show off your badass, boss babe side while wearing a powerful reminder to be strong and confident.

Choose from a range of unique designs to look fierce and embrace your inner strength.

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Badass Bracelets

Accessorize with power with our Badass Bracelets!

Accessorize for success and make a statement with these fashionable bracelets

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DYLAN JEWELRY-Salty Bracelet-Manifest that Shit-BOM-Boutique on Main -jewelry, new arrivals, Sassy Bracelets